In auditing, it is experience that makes the difference!

Robert Anderson & Company, P.C., Certified Public Accountants has a long record and commitment to the credit union industry. Robert Anderson & Company, P.C. currently provides audit and management advisory services to over sixty (60) credit unions.

Robert Anderson & Company is dedicated to serving credit unions. At Robert Anderson & Company we specialize in finding creative financial solutions that help credit unions achieve their goals in this competitive economic environment. Solving the business problems that face credit unions today, is the number one reason why our clients retain our services.

In order to provide this quality service effectively, Robert Anderson & Company employs a staff of professionals with years of credit union experience.

Bob Anderson, President
Bob, the principal in the firm, has over thirty years of experience in auditing banks and credit unions. Bob is a CPA and has earned the designation of Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

For ten plus years Bob was a bank examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. During that period he audited over 300 banks and credit unions. Since its formation in July 1984, Robert Anderson & Company, P.C. has committed its energies to serving only credit unions and financial institutions. Our company's experience allows us to perform our job at a level of expertise that can be matched by very few in the accounting industry.

Joette DeMeo
Joette is a great example of the kind of person you will associate with at Robert Anderson & Company.  Joette had fifteen years experience working in credit unions before coming to Robert Anderson & Company in 1999.  She has experience in almost every aspect of credit union operations.  Chances are that she has actually done your job and the jobs of most of your staff.  It makes a big difference in auditing when your auditor actually understands your job!

Kristin Bird, CPA
Kristin has been with Robert Anderson & Company since 2000. She is another solid contributor to our company. Kristin typifies our business philosophy in that our clients like her! How about that! Being audited is never a pleasant experience for any credit union. Wouldn’t it be better if your auditors were people you could like and talk to? Notice the CPA after her name. She’s smart too!

Tom Kilroy, CFE
Tom is the Dean of credit union auditing. He’s been at it for over 30 years. Tom has been with Robert Anderson & Company since 1991. Before that he worked as a bank examiner for the Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks. He also spent several years “behind the desk”. Tom was the Treasurer for a couple of different financial institutions. Tom has probably done and seen it all.