Credit Union
City of Boston Credit Union$315,036,890.00
Southern Mass. Credit Union$187,034,114.00
Luso Federal Credit Union$170,334,918.00
St. Jeanís Credit Union$154,030,697.00
Members First Credit Union$149,292,276.00
Greater Springfield Credit Union$142,738,533.00
Holy Rosary Credit Union$134,000,000.00
Community Credit Union of Lynn$128,331,026.00
Alden Credit Union$126,609,078.00
Brotherhood Credit Union$111,409,396.00
Riegel Federal Credit Union$111,274,448.00
American Broadcast Employees Federal Credit Union$107,850,167.00
River Works Credit Union$100,506,247.00
Premier Source Credit Union$70,081,098.00
Franklin First Federal Credit Union$59,769,747.00
Seaport Credit Union$59,687,398.00
Southcoast Health Systems Federal Credit Union$49,035,943.00
Chicopee Municipal Employees Credit Union$48,230,865.00
Blackstone River Federal Credit Union$48,087,998.00
Commonwealth Utilities Employees Credit Union$44,501,538.00
PGE Federal Credit Union$43,433,416.00
Brookline Municipal Credit Union$41,861,422.00
Credit Union of Vermont$34,425,200.00
Stoneham Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union$31,462,413.00
Northeastern University Federal Credit Union$30,247,296.00
Goldmark Federal Credit Union$29,892,103.00
Fairfield County Federal Credit Union$29,158,078.00
Alpha Credit Union$28,445,356.00
Landmark Credit Union$27,182,799.00
West Springfield Federal Credit Union$26,352,340.00
600 Atlantic Federal Credit Union$24,325,626.00
Malden Teacher's Federal Credit Union$23,666,478.00
Green Mountain Credit Union$23,111,998.00
Chadwick Federal Credit Union$22,627,880.00
Credit Union of the Berkshires$22,582,798.00
Vermont VAF Employees Federal Credit Union$22,119,571.00
Massachusetts Family Credit Union$20,750,716.00
Wallingford Municipal Federal Credit Union$17,305,590.00
Tri Town Teachers Federal Credit Union$17,286,243.00
Haverhill Fire Department Credit Union$17,148,995.00
St. Anne Credit Union$17,111,551.00
Leominster Employees Federal Credit Union$15,059,876.00
Lynn Police Credit Union$12,345,068.00
Watertown Municipal Credit Union$12,323,888.00
Beverly Municipal Federal Credit Union$10,898,745.00
Melrose School & Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union$10,742,343.00
Cambridge Firefighters Federal Credit Union$10,503,850.00
Lexington MA Federal Credit Union$9,872,668.00
Morton Federal Credit Union$9,472,100.00
First Choice Credit Union$9,321,103.00
CSP Employees Federal Credit Union$8,432,899.00
New Hampshire Community Federal Credit Union$8,391,292.00
Waltham Municipal Employees Credit Union$8,343,056.00
Louise Mills Federal Credit Union$8,222,296.00
Revere Firefighters Credit Union$6,013,282.00
Cheshire Health Federal Credit Union$3,827,441.00
New England Lee Federal Credit Union$3,817,082.00
Boston Customs Federal Credit Union$3,098,408.00
Lynn Municipal Employees Credit Union$2,227,665.00
Gloucester Municipal Credit Union$1,890,097.00
Springfield Street Railway Credit Union$1,601,811.00
Gloucester Fire Department Credit Union$530,363.00